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"NCF is amazing! We basically have our own community or family out there.  We are truly transforming lives, not only in residents but ourselves as well."  

Cynthia Hadley

We aren't your typical correctional facility as you can see above.  We are a low-medium and minimum security facility that resembles more of a college campus than a prison.  Our vision is "Transforming lives for the safety of all!" and we strive everyday to make a difference one individual at a time.  We believe our staff are our most influential resource.  With over 30 departments, various employment opportunities are available.  If you are looking to be influential in transforming lives, then Norton Correctional Facility is a great place to begin or continue your career! 

Go on over to our Career Opportunities page.  This section will give you information on our current open positions.  

Fill out our form to apply for a position today!  

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